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One on one business coaching with Jesse is a result-centric programme designed to add value to your business as a brand owner or freelancer.

You might wonder why you need a business coach when Google already offers an infinite glossary of advice for boosting your business.

That’s like asking why a footballer still needs a coach. The obvious perception is that he’s a professional already, so he doesn’t need anyone to show him the ropes of his career.

Here’s a fact. Learning never ends, even in the face of experience.

What is 1 on 1 coaching?

One on one business coaching is just as it sounds: a private meeting with a coach who guides you in identifying relevant skill sets, and advises you on how to develop them.

In building your personal brand, there is no finish line. There are always new skills to acquire from people ahead of you in your niche.

If a professional football player still asks for direction at some point in his career, then how much more the aspirants?

Why one on one leadership coaching with Jesse?

The peak phase of the business cycle is just as tricky as the startup phase and others. It poses many pressing concerns, such as the challenge of sourcing new ways to grow your business, the decision to introduce new products or services, to expand or not to expand, etc.

The choices you make at this point will determine the continuity of your business, or signal the time for you to pack up shop.

This is where leveraging the power of one on one business coaching comes in to save the day.

Understanding the fragility of each stage of personal branding is how I was able to devise the perfect one on one business coaching strategy for startups and experts alike.

One of the many One on one coaching benefits of this strategy is the experience of complete guidance while working towards defining your goals. Without a clear vision of what you want your personal brand to look like in the long run, actualizing it will be difficult.

Each one on one coaching session is designed to straighten your brand vision into achievable goals by providing realistic checkpoints to track your progress.

You stand to experience:

  • 21 Days of Growth Strategy
  • 21 Days of Private Coaching
  • An in-depth look at your Personal Brand
  • Strategy & tactics to grow your brand and audience.
  • Weekly 90-min Zoom calls

How will I know if I need one-on-one coaching?

It’s simple, really. If your answer to these questions turns out to be a “yes”, then that’s one clue that you need one on one coaching:

  • Do you want to increase turnover or profits for your business? Do you want to polish the quality of your services and improve performance in all your business’ departments?
  • Are you passionate about customer satisfaction? Do you want to retain customers? Do you care about easing customer pain points?

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much does one on one business coaching with Jesse cost?

One on one leadership coaching with Jesse costs a flat rate of $999.

The package contains 21 days of growth strategizing and coaching with a private and expert coach. Zoom calls will also be leveraged to deliver the best remote coaching experiences to clients.

What does a coaching session look like?

A quality one on one coaching session is a flexible one. You and your coach make joint decisions on schedule, prior to the start of your session.

The first session is more of an introductory one where your coach gets to know your goals, skills, strengths and weaknesses by interviewing you. This will help him construct a suitable task plan for you to follow in achieving your goals.

Do I need business coaching?

Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer in the business scene, you need business coaching if you’re looking to fast-track your business’ growth level and increase turnover.

If you suddenly find it difficult to identify pain points in your business or you’re overwhelmed by being at the peak phase of your career, then that’s a sign that you need one-on-one coaching.

What should I expect at the end of the one on one coaching session?

You should expect to break boundaries in your one on one leadership coaching session with Jesse. The programme is designed for brand owners who want to push out of their comfort zones and experience more growth in their practice.

With your experiences, goals, and thoughts in the hands of a trained professional, you’ll be able to define actionable goals for your business that’ll triple those dollar signs in your bank account in no time!

90mins Coaching Session

A 90mins session to help you gain clarity and strategic steps for your brand or business.

1-On-1 Coaching

Get tactical, actionable advice from me.

I will mentor you and help you navigate obstacles standing between you and your goals.

Group Coaching

Join a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs and gain access to exclusive content, tools and coaching to take your career or business to the next level.
- Community
- Accountability
- Friendship
- Mentorship

Creative Consulting

Hire me as your vCCO (Virtual Chief Creative Officer).

I’ll help oversee your Creative Campaigns, Branding Strategy, Design Thinking, Campaign and Content Development.

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