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Are you interested in meeting passionate people with similar purpose, goals, and vision as yourself?

My group coaching program offers collectively optimized sessions for brand owners to not only learn from their coach, but from others like themselves.

This program takes a scenic route into exploring the usefulness of group relationships to self-discovery and business growth.

Harness the potential of networking in creating effective solutions

The typical group coaching sessions with Jesse involve structured activities built on the foundation of both personal growth and support for other brand owners, as well as relatability, for continuous improvement in business.

Sharing your personal journey in the course of building your brand with like-minded people in your niche is the key to success.

It creates ample space for the reception and transfer of knowledge you didn’t even know you had or needed as you all work towards achieving similar goals.

Enjoy seamless mindset synchronization with teams

The complexities of the business world never end. Brand or business owners are constantly swarmed with layers of management and customer demands.

This is why you need to always be on your toes, and be ready to make decisions on pressing issues.

My sessions are filled with group coaching activities that will shape members into that dream team, and also train them in understanding each other’s motivations and intentions while fostering a collaborative culture towards solving problems and accomplishing goals.

Witness the power of shared focus and accountability

Group coaching sessions generate sparks, which is one of the many group coaching benefits you stand to experience with Jesse.

By sharing your personal ideas, team members are empowered and encouraged to share theirs, or even form their ideas on the spot!

It also uncovers organizational issues that have been swept under the rug for far too long, and opens a safe space for creating actionable solutions for them.

How it works

  • Book your group coaching sessions with Jesse

A group coaching session with Jesse costs a flat rate of $499. You’ll need to submit login details and agree to Firework’s group coaching agreement (Terms and Agreement & Privacy Policy).

Once you’re done, we can begin customizing a coaching strategy that suits your preferences.

  • Enjoy a customized experience

Customer diversity cannot be ignored where multitudes of expectations, experiences, and skill sets exist. During the course of our sessions, we will define group coaching topics and instructions at your own pace to ensure you have the best experience.

This strategy will also provide the ideal template for sharing your experience with other teams.

You will also receive lifetime updates, which means even after our group coaching sessions end, you’ll still have access to all the important information about them. This information includes details about modifications to the group coaching program and special offers.

  • Reap the group coaching benefits

After the conclusion of our sessions, you should expect to be more reflective, inquisitive, and eager to solve problems and be more efficient in time management.

You can also expect to develop emotional Intelligence, which will play an important role in your relationship with both clients and team members.

Ready to get started?

You’re just one click away from improving, growing and developing your brand.

Ready to get started?

You’re just one click away from improving, growing and developing your brand.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a group coaching program?

A group coaching program is one that brings a group of employees together for a specific purpose; growth.

It differs from one-on-one coaching and regular team training. One-on-one coaching sessions focus on the relationship between a coach and his client, while team training sessions emphasize competition where each team strives to emerge as the best.

In a group coaching program, the idea is to create a collaborative environment where every individual becomes better versions of themselves.

What does group coaching look like?

In group coaching, your coach will devise discussions around specified topics and create activities that will spark different viewpoints and ideas from every participant.

This strategy will then encourage group learning, growth, and problem-solving approaches.

Some coaches may incorporate the group-within-a-group routine where participants are split into smaller teams to track each other’s progress. For smaller groups, you could be paired up with a one partner for this exercise.

How long is a coaching program?

Most group coaching sessions last for up to 90 minutes, and run for 6 to 12 months long. Some sessions may last for just 30 minutes.

Overall, the timing of the sessions depends on the coach and a number of other factors. Some coaches may decide to limit client-coach interactions to prevent over-dependence, which may cloud the client’s ability to make his own decisions.

90mins Coaching Session

A 90mins session to help you gain clarity and strategic steps for your brand or business.

1-On-1 Coaching

Get tactical, actionable advice from me.

I will mentor you and help you navigate obstacles standing between you and your goals.

Group Coaching

Join a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs and gain access to exclusive content, tools and coaching to take your career or business to the next level.
- Community
- Accountability
- Friendship
- Mentorship

Creative Consulting

Hire me as your vCCO (Virtual Chief Creative Officer).

I’ll help oversee your Creative Campaigns, Branding Strategy, Design Thinking, Campaign and Content Development.

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